How to prepare banana chocolate chip muffins

Banana is one of the favourable fruit for everyone. Banana is not a tree but it is an herbs grown up to 10 -15 metres. You know one thing about banana, some horticulturist identifies that, bananas are the first fruit in the world. The origin of the bananas is south East Asia. Banana serves as the remedy of eye disease. Because banana contains much nutrition in it, like each 100gm of banana contain sodium, potassium, carbohydrate and also it acquires many vitamins like, vitamins A, B-6, B-12, and vitamin 12. Such healthy fruit is our main ingredient in your today’s recipe. Banana chocolate chip muffins are the easiest recipe to prepare. Banana chocolate muffins are packed with three different types, that are, muffins with toasted walnuts, cinnamon chips or bits and chocolate chips. Now, you prepare banana chocolate chip muffins. It needs only minimum of ingredients to prepare and such ingredients are available in the nearby grocery shops.

Ingredients for banana chocolate muffins:

Banana chocolate chip muffins needs butter, sugar, wall nuts, essence, egg, baking soda, flour, and semi sweet chocolate chips are the major ingredients and also the banana. Now in your kitchen, welcome banana chocolate chip muffins. Now you start your preparation through the following steps. These recipes needs proper measurements, then only the recipe comes out in the finest way. So take such ingredients in a proper quantity. Take half cup of butter, sugar and packed brown sugar. And take 2 eggs for making the softness. And the major ingredients, take three bananas, and it should be large and mash. Above mentioning ingredients without banana are the basic thing needed for all baked items e.g., biscuits. And take three spoons of vanilla essence, 2 cups of all purpose flour, and three tea spoon of baking soda. Walnuts and chocolate is essential to make your recipe deliciously. It is the time for bake. Baked items like cake, biscuits are the favorite recipe for the kids everlasting. So if you want to surprise your child it is the finest way to at attract. And moreover these recipes are available in the bakeries but mostly those things are prepare with cheap raw material. Those things are unhygienic to the people. But these kind of homemade recipes are healthy. And it takes minimum time for preparation.

Now you take a bowl, add butter, sugar, vanilla essences, just lightly mix your ingredients the ingredients then you add the egg now you beaten the ingredients perfectly. And add flour baking and adding the remaining ingredients in the recipe. And one more thing is beating your ingredients never goes excess. It follows correct consistency. But walnuts and chocolate are end stage ingredient in the muffins cake. Because wall nuts are mainly used for the decoration as well as the taste and chocolate chips are important because your recipe is made with chocolate chips also banana and chocolate chips places the equal importance in your recipe.



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